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Night Camera Photos using iPhone 6s Plus

Checking out ProCam, ProCamera and Night Camera

We are heading to Aruba very soon. I thought I do an audit of all the various applications that I have on my phone. The goal is to clean out applications that I am not going to need on the trip so that I'll have enough space for photo and videos that I might be taking.


One of the applications that I like is ProCamera. There's a lot of different settings to help take good photos and videos with the iPhone 6s Plus.

One of the settings allows me to take good quality low light pictures, something that might be useful in Aruba. However, the LowLightPlus in ProCamera is an additional cost - $3.99. Not all that expensive, but the question is, is it really worth the upgrade price?

So, I decided to take the test and check to see how it compares to another application that I found in the App Store - Night Camera by Nico Schroeder. I picked a good night location with very low light and took a picture with the ProCam, ProCamera and Night Camera.

Here's the results:

Quality Night Camera

It appears that ProCamera and ProCam is a much better option. I didn't use a tripod, which ProCamera recommends, so the rending might have been better with a tripod. However, the quality of ProCam seems to be just as good.

It was a bit surprising that the Night Camera app didn't perform well in my simple test.

Nice to see that ProCam offers quality night pictures without paying for additional add-on.

At the End of the Day....

Most likely I'll be using my Olympus XZ-2 iHS camera to take night pictures. It takes much better night pictures than the iPhone 6S Plus.

I decided to check out the options on the iPhone since there appear to be more applications claiming to take quality night photos.

Obviously upgrading to the latest iPhone would help take better night pictures. The hardware certainly will make much more of a difference.



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