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Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod

How to tell the real Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod from an imposter.

Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod is a very popular mini tripod. It flexible body allows you to stabilize your phone against any object. The grippy rubber feet makes sure that your phone is secure on the table.

The Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod is a popular camera tool to have and there are a lot of cheap imposters around. It's hard to know that you have the true Joby brand. (For example you see it at a Yard Sale or at a Discount store.)

I know this because I have a flexible Gorillapod and for the longest time could not figure out if it was the original Joby version. While doing some cleaning in the attic, I actually found a original Joby version that I purchased many years ago. I could easily tell that my other one was an imposter.

Here are some pictures of the two Gorillapods together where you can tell the original from the imposter.

Olympus on Joby

The word Joby appears in the mini circle:

Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod

The feet actually have decent grippy rubber feet. My imposter tripod have a very smooth feet, and dont feel all that rubbery.

The Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod is a bit expensive, but you are getting a good quality tripod stand that works well. While playing with both of these, I could tell a big difference in how the leg grips work much better. The grips appear to be tighter and can hold the camera up much better.

I would recommend spending a bit more to get the original version and not settle for a wannabe. You'll get a lot more uses out of it.