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Daycare Drop Offs

Earlier this week I had the experience of watching 2 different parents drop off their children at a local preschool daycare. Both of these parents did the same thing, they said good bye to their child gave them a kiss and left. The whole drop off time was less than a minute. What surprised me was the teacher was watching and both families didn't even say hello to the teacher.

Come on!

Remember, this is the person that you are going to trust your child for the next eight hours and you can't even take a few seconds to say hello or good morning? That really surprised me.

I guess some people are caught up with their morning routines and in the work zone that they basically ignore what's going on around them. Perhaps this is just part of their morning task and they see no value to engaging with the teacher.

I try to engage with some conversation with the teachers when they are available to talk, and I have a very limited window during drop off. I actually get into daycare early just for that purpose, so that I don't feel the need to rush through. I need to rush because I literally have a train to catch.

My advice to the other parents is to engage in a quick conversation with the teacher and let them know that their work is very much appreciated. You could even mention that you really like the creative art work they been working on.



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