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I am putting together some videos for a project that I recently did. The project requires two types of distribution; DVD and USB Thumb drive. For the DVD, I will need to create a menu and put all of the videos into one file. Then, I will need to create an ISO file so that it can be burned onto a disc. For the USB thumb drive, each video needs to be its own individual file with its own name.

Video Distribution2022


First, let's talk about DVDs. Creating a menu with Toast 10 Peo is really easy and it gives your video presentation a professional look. You can also include additional files on the disc such as PDFs or images if you want. The downside is that not everyone has a DVD player anymore, so you may be limiting your audience somewhat by using this format.

USB Thumb Drive

Now let's talk about USB thumb drives. This method is more versatile because almost everyone has one of these and they are very easy to use - just plug them in and go! However, there isn't really any way to create menus or add additional files like there is with DVDs (although this can be done using software like Autoplay Media Studio). Another downside of this format is that larger video files can take up quite bit of space on your thumb drive which may not be ideal if you're trying to transport them somewhere."

When choosing a thumb drive, you have to decide how much storage you need. A 4GB drive will hold plenty of music or photos, but if you want to store a movie or large file, you'll need something bigger.

A 16GB thumb drive can hold up to 4 hours of high-definition video, so it's perfect for storing your favorite movies and TV shows. Plus, the extra storage space means that you can take your entire digital library with you wherever you go.

Amazon sells 16GB ten-packs for $22.94 and the 9Gb sells for $21.20.

No More DVD Production?

DVDs could soon be a thing of the past. With more and more people getting their entertainment online or through USB thumb drives, DVD distribution might not be viable for much longer.

This might be the last project where I'll create DVDs as part of the distribution. I think more projects are going to be distributed online or via USB thumb drive.

The thumb drives should last about 10-years. Assuming that people don't watch the movie from the thumb drive a couple of thousand times.



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