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Jingle the Dog

A couple of years ago we got the "Jingle the Dog" book with the husky puppy toy. The husky would make noise based on some of the saying as you read the book. This is a list of all the known phrases the husky pup is awaiting for you to say:

  • And Jingle was a good dog.
  • That made Jingle very, very happy.
  • Jingle, you're a good dog!
  • Jingle even loved to sing.
  • Sorry, Jingle! I've gotta go home!
  • Silly dog! Jingle, you've gotta go home!
  • The very thought of finding his friends made Jingle want to sing
  • but suddenly Jingle felt very, very happy.
  • Jingle, you're such a good dog!
  • Jingle, Stay! And Jingle did.

I haven't found any other list of additional phrases that the Hallmark Jingle dog says. If you know of any hacks let me know!



Guest If you say " I love you Jingle." He responds
Guest He responds to I love u/I love u jingle.
Guest No. Sorry. It doesn't.
Guest"I love you Jingle" does work. I just tried it and he responds.
Guest I just tried it and "I love you Jingle" doesn'the work... are there different versions out there? Our Jingle is from 2011.
GuestI believe ours is from 2012 and "I love you Jingle" works.
it dose work
Mr. GroggThe second book has slight variations from the first book, but very little that is particularly new: "Jingle want to sing!" "Jingle was a good dog." "Sorry Jingle... You've gotta go home." "This made Jingle very happy." "He said, 'Jingle stay.' And Jingle did." "Surrounded by his friends, Jingle felt very happy." "This made Jingle want to sing!" "See you later! Jingle, I've gotta go home." "Jingle felt very happy."
Guest I found if you repeat some of the phrases back to back jingle's response will be slightly different. When I say i love you jingle the 1st time jingle says I love you then if I repeat I love you jingle, jingle responds love you with an extended singing bark
Guest July 31, 2017 He responds to some of the words that are not highlighted in red sometimes.
M_StuyOur Jingle is a 2012 one as well. He seems to only reply to the phrases in the initial post. I wish he replied to "I love you".
Guest It is important to say the phrases slowly and plainly without an accent.
Jingle Saying the phrases slowly and plainly is for helping the child learn to pronounce the words correctly.
Guest If you have Jingle and the girl dog Bell and you play the Bells story CD with Jingle beside her ...Jingle responds to Bell "talking"
Guest One of the helpful suggestions says to use a deeper voice and he responds better.
GuestThe original release of Jingle does not do everything in the new books. When I pointed this out to my local Hallmark reps after the release of Bell, they replaced mine with the newer version (although the older one was a lot better made!)
Brennan “Jingle, you’re my best friend” works. My 8 year old figured it out 😁
GuestJingle is so cute when he sings and says "I love you too!"
William It works mine is from2015
William Jingle your my best friend also works
Guest if you play the x-mas CD with jingle and bell there they both respond to all of them, only if there both there
Guest btw can you do one for bell? i dont have there books anymore :|
Nancy Brown I need all the ones for Belle pkease
Nancy Brown I need all the ones for Belle pkease

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