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New Years Resolution

Have you made your 2009 New Years Resolution yet? A quick Google search shows a lot of people have already started announcing their plans. To date there are 15,300,000 matches for 2009 New Years Resolution.

So what are your New Years Resolution? You should think like Charles Schultz:

One time Charles Schultz addressed the need for his readers to make the most of the current moment. He illustrated this with his cartoon characters in Peanuts. Charlie Brown was at bat. “Strike three,” the umpire bellowed. Once again Charlie Brown had struck out and so he slumped down on the player’s bench. “Rat’s” he said, “I’ll never be a big league player. I just don’t have it! All my life I’ve dreamed of playing in the big leagues, but I know I’ll never make it.” Meanwhile Lucy turned to console him. “Charlie Brown,” she said, “you are thinking too far ahead. What you need to do is set yourself on more immediate goals.” Charlie Brown looked up and replied, “What do you mean by immediate goals?” Lucy said, “You can start in the very next inning.” Charlie Brown was still confused and looked up at Lucy, waiting for her to explain. Lucy then said, “See if you can walk to the mound without falling down.”

Yes its good to have both long term goals and short term goals.

Another good inspiration is Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. He has a story about how affirmations was the root of his success. You can download a PDF of his Affirmation story.

Whatever your plans for 2009, think Faster, Better and Cheaper....



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