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April Fools Z100 Style

On April 1, 1991, Z100 did a couple of pranks to their listeners:

  • All fines paid to the City of Virgina Beach were half off.
  • Elis was at a fictional intersection, the intersection of Connie Lane and Virgina Beach Blvd.

The recording of the event was pretty funny, its amazing how people will go all out just to find a fictional intersection. I guess the real lesson is to think twice on April first.

You can find the tape recording of the event on the Z100 Morning Zoo 5th edition CD or Tape in most used record stores.

Anyone still looking for the $1,000 on the corner of Connie Lane and Virgina Beach Blvd?


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iKitchen Bankruptcy

Looks like its pretty wise to avoid! The above is from a email that I received this morning. I discovered that other people are having problems with iKitchen.

I wouldn't order from them again, I am waiting for a shipment of 4 Aqua Globes that were on sale in July. I ordered it on July 7th, and half of the order arrived on August 6th! I am still waiting for the other 2 Aqua Globes.

If you are considering purchasing from them, I would highly recommend avoiding them. Your better off buying from other companies. Also make sure to watch your credit card, they say that you won't be charge until it ships, but that isn't always the case.

If you are charged and they say that they are back ordered, you should contact your credit card company and request a refund or charge back.



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