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An In-Depth Look at Some Urban and Rural Collisions

An In-Depth Look at Some Urban and Rural Collisions

Across the nation, there are safety concerns amongst every major road. Whether the concern is derived from the infrastructure, environmental conditions, or even driver behavior; these factors have the ability to impact the lives of everyday commuters across our nation.

To take a closer look at look at some of the auto incidences that take place we look at a state that hasn't seen a deathless day since late 2000. The state of Texas is estimated to have one person killed every 2 hours and 20 minutes with someone injured from an auto incident approximately every two minutes.

Considering the alarming statistic, we look closer as to what particularly is contributing to these types of accidents:

Car Traffic

Leading Contributors in Urban-area Collisions

With higher population comes with a higher risk for collisions. As commuters in highly populated areas flood major roads each day, their chances for an accident comes higher than that of a commuter in a rural area with fewer drivers on the road.

Some of the findings in more populated roads consisted of speeding, distracted driving, failure to yield, and reckless driving. Focusing on the top contributors in these types of areas can allow industry experts seek ways to promote safety by raising awareness.

Remember that driving behaviors that consists of distracted driving doesn't always mean involve texting and driving. Distracted driving can be anything that derives your undivided attention from the responsibilities of the road. These acts can range from eating and driving, letting your mind wander about the stresses that happened earlier in your day, changing the radio, and so on.

Be sure that if you find yourself in a situation where your focus isn't where it should be, take a moment to pull off the road and collect yourself. Your safety and the safety of other drivers must be a top priority for all commuters.

Contributors in Rural-area Collisions

Although there is a high focus on collisions that take place in areas where the population is substantially higher, it is important to consider other types of accidents as it pertains to the safety of all commuters. Some of the most contributing factors found in rural areas was disregarding warning signs at construction locations, distraction, driving without headlights, and speed control.

Although we can see some small discrepancies within two separate types of commuter areas some of the same negative behaviors are still taking place. Noting these fatal driving behaviors, many seek to find ways in which safety can be enhanced on our roadways. Other experts in auto accidents seek ways to visually demonstrate these numbers such as this Texas car accident resource.

Driving, no matter your location, requires a specific responsibility. Abiding by state laws and providing your full attention and mindful ability to ensure that your focus is on the road is a great way to strive for safety. Whether you're traveling or unfamiliar with the state law, educate yourself on what laws you should be made aware of. Avoid any distraction in your vehicle and always drive with safety as the top priority.



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