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Here's How Content Marketing Can Benefit A Small Business

Three Key Benefits For Every Business

Beyond social media posts and blogs, there are several other valuable content types that can stimulate the interest of customers. Employing content marketing tools may take a lot of time and effort at first, but they can help foster loyal customers and improve sales. Recent data shows that over 82% of marketers see a positive ROI from their content marketing. With that in mind, here are some reasons why content marketing needs to be a part of every small business marketing strategy.

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Cost-Effective Branding Strategy

Content marketing helps new entrepreneurs and resource-strapped businesses to stand out from the thousands of advertisements people see on a daily basis. This statement is backed by the latest findings from Business 2 Community showing that content marketing generates about three times more leads and costs 62% lower than its traditional counterparts. Content marketing provides a more affordable option for small businesses to bring their customers together and eventually build a strong brand community. It holds the promise of creating a self-sustaining marketing ecosystem to help start-ups create brand visibility that outpaces the competition. Small business owners can choose from a sea of content marketing types, including email, SEO writing, FAQ pages, blogs, social media posts, print materials, videos, animations, slide decks, infographics, and so on.

Build Trust Among Customers

Small businesses can utilize user-generated content like customer testimonials to build credibility among potential customers and ease their concerns with genuine feedback. In fact, a study by Podium reveals that 93% of surveyed customers say online testimonials affect their purchasing decisions as these reviews showcase the positive experiences from previous customers. Content marketing goes a long way towards building trust with any prospect by providing value when a brand establishes itself as an expert voice in its field. Rather than hard-selling, incorporating content marketing also gives small businesses the ability to become the top-of-mind brand that draws buyers to a specific product or service offering when they're searching for solutions to address their problems. This fostered connection can convert content readers to first-time buyers, which will eventually turn to repeat customers.

Increase Business ROI

For start-up businesses, content marketing is an absolute must-have as it delivers some of the highest ROI for every dollar spent and continues to pay dividends for a long time after it's implemented. With an effective and up-to-date content marketing strategy, new entrepreneurs can see positive returns in terms of higher leads, greater brand visibility, increased inbound traffic, and a better brand reputation for the long haul. Furthermore, creating authentic content that engages readers is the most vital way of communicating the products or services offered by a small business. Unlike paid advertisements, having high-value content increases the chance of closing more sales, particularly now that a huge percentage of users block ads on their browsers. This additional reach guarantees a steady flow of leads and increases the odds of converting website visitors who are ready to jump right into becoming a customer.

In this fast-paced and competitive business environment, having content marketing strategies can impact small businesses in big ways. Above all, it is important for new entrepreneurs to understand the reader's pain points and ensure that every content is laser-focused on their needs to keep targeted traffic coming at all times.



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