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This morning I updated the PDF section with 24 new PDFs. I was able to meet my goal that I set last week!

This was challenging because I wanted to put some cool content on the site, not just any document would make it. I did have a lot of great choices and it was tough trying to narrow down what I wanted to put up. Next time, I think I'll focus more on content than the number of contents.

People don't visit your site because you have 1,000's of documents, they visit your site because you have the document or content they been looking for. Lots of content only works if you can appeal to a large audience. In the PDF world, that might be the famous Adobe Exchange gallery.

I am looking forward to my next website challenge. I don't know when I'll start, or what the project will be. Over the next few days I have some personal projects that will keep me busy. So I'll think about it next week, but for now enjoy the new PDFs!



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