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Filming the Easter Vigil

Videography Church

This past weekend, I had the privilege of filming the Easter Vigil at my church. It was a beautiful service, and I'm happy to report the video turned out well! However, there's always room for improvement, and this experience definitely provided some valuable lessons. Here are five key takeaways that will help me level up my videography game for future events:

1. Double-check your gear. This one stings a bit. In the excitement leading up to the service, I accidentally left my GoPro at home. Having that extra wide-angle option would have been fantastic for capturing certain shots! Lesson learned: Make a checklist and double-check it before heading out to any filming session.

2. Don't forget the adapters. I was using an external microphone to capture the speaker's voice, but I had a great idea during the service. It would have been amazing to use my iPhone as a secondary audio source for some close-up moments. Unfortunately, I lacked the proper adapter. Lesson learned: Pack all the necessary adapters to ensure flexibility during filming.

3. Consistency is key. This one bit me in the editing room. My iPhone 14 Pro Max was recording in stunning 4k, while my Canon camera was capturing footage in 1080p. The difference in bitrate caused a painfully long render time. There was simply no need for that discrepancy. Lesson learned: Ensure all cameras are set to the same video format beforehand to save yourself editing headaches later.

4. Embrace the darkness. The Easter Vigil starts with the church plunged in darkness, a beautiful metaphor for the waiting before the light of Christ's resurrection. While my iPhone 14 Pro Max did a decent job, I wasn't entirely sure which camera would perform best in low-light conditions. Lesson learned: Research beforehand which camera in your arsenal handles low-light situations best and have it readily available.

5. Pen and paper: your silent allies. In the heat of the moment, brilliant ideas can pop into your head. During filming, I realized I needed a way to jot down notes - reminders to bring certain equipment next time, or specific shots to use for certain moments. Trying to use my iPhone while filming wasn't an option. Lesson learned: A simple notebook is a lifesaver. Don't underestimate the power of pen and paper for capturing those on-the-fly filmmaking insights.

Filming the Easter Vigil was a rewarding experience, and these lessons will undoubtedly elevate my future projects. Remember, even successful outings can offer valuable takeaways. So, the next time you head out with your camera, embrace the learning process and capture not just beautiful footage, but valuable knowledge as well!



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