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PhotoSaver Vault

Questionable App in the iOS app store.

Every once in a while, I encounter an App in Apple's iOS app store that makes me think twice...

PhotoSaver is today's... wait a minute.. I shouldn't download this...

Photo Saver Valut Apps

Official Description

PhotoSaver is an app that lets you protect your photos from unwanted eyes by locking them in a secret vault. We value the convenience of our users and offer them the most effective way to protect personal data.

Five Things Weird About this App

This App first arrived on the Apple Store on November 13, 2019, by AI Pro LTD.

There are already 79 reviews with most of them being 5-stars. (The first 5-star review occurred within days of being released.) Check out all the reviews, you'll see a common writing pattern.

AI Pro LTD. produces no other applications - which is amazing for a company with so many 5-star reviews. There is no website or software company called AI Pro LTD.

According to the application download ranking has been poor. The best rank has been 704 downloads for the Photo and Video category. Search Man shows that the PhotoSaver Vault App is trending higher.

The support website is and registered on September 9, 2019.

Now What

I would recommend avoiding the app. I suspect that they set up a bunch of fake users to write reviews to influence people to download their apps.

Check out this "top reviewer," Sounds like a "sales pitch" more than a review:

Griocithya Review on 12/28/2019

Amazing little app.

In short, this is a brilliant photo storage app. Your pictures are cleverly stored and can be transferred with ease into the hidden folder. The app is organised perfectly which makes it very simple to navigate. This also makes the app surprisingly quick. You can place multiple pictures into yhe secret gallery at the same time, so if you have a lot pictures that you would like to keep safe, away from anyones reach, you can do it very quickly by choosing which pictures to store in which album. There are two albums, which is a feature that I'm seeing for the first time in any apps of this kind and it really came to my liking. Other apps mask themselves as calculators which has gotten very pubic, so everyone knows that if you're using a calculator on your phone, you're probably scrolling through your secret photos. However, this app does something very original which makes the main function of the app endorsed by the fact that no one knows about it. Whats even better is that it doesn't show any kind of ads, which is a massive prompt to the makers. You can use it as many times as you like and not even once get interrupted by some weird crap game ad. Amazing value, slick design as well at it being very simple it makes it a walk in the park to figure out. Also, don't worry about having to buy more storage within the app as it uses the storage on our phone so as long as you have free space on your phone, you should mbe ready to go!



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