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A12 Bionic chip

A12 Chip is all about Machine Learning

One of the main features that Apple announced with the new iPhone XS Max is the use of the A12 Bionic chip. The iPhone 6s Plus has the A9 chip with 64-bit architecture, so the iPhone XS Max chip is 3 generations newer.

Question is, what does the faster chip mean for the average iPhone user? Why difference does a fast chip mean, and what applications perform better using the A12 chip?

The biggest change will be in the applications that use Apple's Machine Learning framework. One of the applications that use Machine Learning a lot is the Homecourt app. Apple promoted at the iPhone XS Max kickoff. This application will watch you play basketball and analyzed the shots you make and miss.

A21 Bionici Phone

Machine Learning

The Facial Recognition technology that is used to unlock the iPhone XS Max is where people will see the biggest improvement with the A12 Bionic chip. The faster chip helps speed up the facial calculations so the phone opens almost immediately.

Machine Learning vs Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning is the ability to learn without being programmed - for example looking at hundreds of facial expressions and knowing which ones match.

Artificial intelligence is when machines/applications perform tasks that are similar to human intelligence.

Apps that Use Machine Learning

  • PlantSnap - Plant Identification. It's a great way to find out information on plants in your yard. You can find out how much water it takes to how much sun they need. It's an awesome way to learn about your yard. (It works great with houseplants!) The App is
  • Night Sky - AR Guide to the sky right now. You can find out what planets are in the sky and details about them. It's a great learning app about space.



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The iPhone XS Max is the most powerful iPhone Apple has ever made. I wanted to learn how to take the most advantage of the capabilities of the device and see how it so much better than my old iPhone 6s Plus.


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