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Keyboard Maestro Control

Expand the capabilities of Keyboard Maestro actions to your iPhone

If your using Keyboard Maestro, you should be aware of the the companion iOS App - Keyboard Maestro Control. The app gives you the ability to execute any Keyboard Maestro macro - basically another point of macro execution.

IOS Description

Keyboard Maestro Control is the iOS adjunct to Keyboard Maestro. It allows you to log in to Keyboard Maestro and execute macros from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

You need to ensure that the Keyboard Maestro Web Server is running and configured with a username and password.

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Ten things I learned

  • There are 11 Macros positions available on the screen - which gives you the ability to have 11 macros visible at any given time.
  • The Macro icon isn't displayed in the App.
  • You can use Emoji to make the line item a bit more visible. Unfortunately, this means you're limited to the icon selection.
  • iOS last update was on July 14, 2014! Still works fine 3.5 years later.
  • The iPhone landscape feature works weirdly and changing the phone from landscape to vertical can cause the App to display 1/2 screen. I fix this by quoting out of the App and restarting. I think this is related to the App being out-of-date by several iOS versions.
  • While you can use any group, after playing with the App, I found having a single group an easy way to manage which macros I want to execute.
  • Most commands I have are easily defined as a typed command, it was difficult to figure out which commands to use in the iOS.
  • The Keyboard Maestro Control app uses the built-in web browser functionality, so it's important to select non-destructive commands.
  • There is no sleep feature, as there is in Quadro, so the screen stays open for a while.
  • Other than connecting to a Keyboard Maestro server, there are no additional settings or configurations.

At the End of the Day..

Dispite the App being out of date, the app still works fine on iOS 11.2.5 (15D60). My complaints are just basic cosmetic changes that would make the application even better.

I would encourage anyone that uses Keyboard Maestro a lot to give it a try. The toughest part is figuring which macros you would want in the app.



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