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One of the cool things about having a smartphone is that you are never out of the loop of what is going on in the world. When something major happens you can be instantly alerted to events that may concern you.

Apple has set up a couple of Government Alerts to help spread notification of important information:

  • AMBER Alerts - Alerts you when a child goes missing near your area.
  • Emergency Alerts - Alerts you when to seek shelter because of weather or police activity.

The Breaking News app sent you alerts when something major happens. Which is good, because you never feel like your missing out on what's going on in the world.

According to the description, "Discover when news breaks 14 minutes ahead of other news apps on average." The app all-time customer rating was 4 stars by 2,238 subscribers.

Breaking News services no longer in service. From the Breaking News App/Website:

This is breaking news we hoped we'd never have to report. Our parent company, NBC News, has decided to shut down the Breaking News service at the end of the year. and the Breaking News app will stop providing updates and alerts on Dec. 31.

Our mission at Breaking News has been to help people and companies make smarter and safer decisions. For the last six years, we've been honored to serve you around the clock, and we thank you for your incredible loyalty.

There are lots of people not happy with NBC decision:

Tuttemarie review concludes with:

Of all the crappy things that have happened in 2016, this app shutting down is in my top 5!

Breaking News Alternative - Twitter Notifications

Breaking News was great because you would get an alert when something big happened, such as when celebrities died or when something significant happened locally. You can get this same instant notification via Twitter Notifications. (In some cases, they broke the news before the Breaking News App)

Simple steps to setup up a Twitter Notification that works similar to Breaking News alerts.

  • On your iOS device, Open up Twitter and search for 'CNN Breaking News,' or 'BBC Breaking News'
  • Click on the Follow icon
  • Next to the Follow icon, click on the bell+ (Notifications)
  • Under Notifications, select "All Tweets"
  • That's it!

Twitter Tips

CNN Breaking News does report more "Breaking News Stories" than was produced by the "Breaking News" app, so you may get notified a bit more often. You can search Twitter for different media outlets that may only report major stories that you might be interested in.




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