Lots of Blog Posting on iPhone 6s Plus, Gluten Free, and OS X ...

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Framingham MBTA Train Tracker
Going To Boston:4 hrs, 13 mins
Going To Framingham:3 hrs, 10 mins

TextExpander Tips

Lots of useful snippets ideas to make the best use of TextExpander.

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Boston Content

Weekly blog about unique places in Boston's Back Bay.

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Macintosh Blog Content

Various tips and tricks using the MacBook Pro or iMac computer.

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Daily Blog

This is my personal Blog where I have been blogging about various topics. On Monday, it's iPhone 6s Plus, Tuesday it's Gluten Free, Wednesday it's TextExpander snippet day, Thursday's something about Boston, Macintosh is on Friday and the Weekend is open topic.

PDF Central

All sorts of practical PDFs that I have created over the years. Some of the more popular one include the World Famous Blackjack Strategy Guide and a creative Trip Packing List. There's even a PDF which gives you far more than you ever wanted to know about the famous Hollywood Sign.

Patriots vs Raiders

Some football analysts say that one most controversial instant replay reversal call in NFL history occurred on January 19, 2002 when Walt Coleman overturned a fumble call during the final minutes of the AFC Wild Card game. Now you can hear the entire play-by-play as it was broadcast live on the Raider's Radio Broadcasting Network.


Assorted notes on being Gluten-Free in metro-Boston. Restaurant opportunities, good supermarkets and bakeries that specialize in Gluten Free foods.

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