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Welcome to cryan.com, check out the latest blog entries.
Growing collection of PDF Documents.
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General information on the 1991 Gulf War.
Welcome to cryan.com!

Daily Blog
This is my personal Blog that I have coded and working off and on since June 2003. Recently I have been blogging about unique places to see in Boston’s Back Bay and some tips about the Framingham MBTA commuter rail.

United States Sequester
Did you know that the United States Government sequester started 636 days ago? Get all the latest update on the Sequester!

Olympus XZ-2 iHS
Earlier this year I was researching the best HD camera to take YouTube videos. After about 4 months of researching and waiting for good deals, I settled on the Olympus XZ-2 iHS. You can read up on all the different cameras that I was considering. Now I am logging my notes on the Olympus XZ-2 iHS camera and offering some tips and tricks.

1991 Gulf War Facts
A comprehensive summary of the U.S. led military action against Iraq in 1991. I created several pages where you'll find detailed information on the cause of the war, what country contributed what and the number of casualities on both sides. There is also a photo of the only Gulf War memorial in Washington D.C. Watch for 1991 Gulf War T-Shirts coming soon to Google Shopping.

PDF Central
All sorts of practical PDFs that I have created over the years. Some of the more popular one include the World Famous Blackjack Strategy Guide and a creative Trip Packing List. There's even a PDF which gives you far more than you ever wanted to know about the famous Hollywood Sign.

Favorite Business Quotes
A collection of business quotes, with a focus on personal productivity. There's some good positive attitude quotes and just some inspiration sayings. Some of these quotes I use to put on my whiteboard at work.

Multimedia Files
Since 1996, this site has offered a variety of multimedia content. Enjoy the classic Real Audio Sounds Library. The Quicktime gallery has some collection of Quicktime movies that I captured from my VHS collection. There are some classic 1999 commercials from the first internet bubble.

Google API Random Content
I wrote a bunch of scripts to generate random content for testing/debugging Google's AdWords API. There's content to create Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords and Negative Keywords. This is a great resource for developers and QA teams testing Google API.

Patriots vs Raiders
Some football analysts say that one most controversial instant replay reversal call in NFL history occurred on January 19, 2002 when Walt Coleman overturned a fumble call during the final minutes of the AFC Wild Card game. Now you can hear the entire play-by-play as it was broadcast on the Raider's Radio Broadcasting Network.

Just added a new shopping area, stop by and see what unique things that you can buy! I suspect most visitors will find the shopping area via Google Shopping.

Sequester Count Up

Today is the 636 day of the sequester.

Disneyworld Countdown

Only 37 days until Disney World!

90 Days ago

August 29, 2014