August 14, 2017

Largest Hidden Mickey in the Parks

It's fun to walk around the park and look for Hidden Mickeys. Mickey Mouse ears are hidden very well just about every place you look.

In 2016, Disney install a solar farm near the entrance of Epcot just off of the World Drive. You can see part of the Solar farm from the road, but you can't tell it's a hidden Mickey.

Map Quest and Google Maps don't show the Solar Farm. Google Maps Mobile does show the hidden Mickey:

Largest Hidden Mickey

Finding the Solar Farm

The Solar Farm address is 1400 World Drive, Orlando FL. It's located on World Drive between Buena Vista Drive and Epcot Center Drive. It's on the right as you head towards the Transportation and Ticket Center.

The largest Hidden Mickey outside the park is located in Clermont, Florida. Disney has a 60-acre forest. This is located near 1699 Hicks Ditch Road. You can find it on Google Maps simply by typing in 'Hidden Mickey,' or by the address: 1699 Hicks Ditch Road, Eutis, Florida.

Is there a larger Hidden Mickey that you know of? Please share in the comments below.


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