June 13, 2016

Club Cool at Epcot

In Epcot, If your looking for a way to stay cool and a little thirsty, be sure to check out Club Cool. Its a great way to cool off and try different flavors of Coke Cola from around the world. You will not find any

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This isn't a ride or restaurant, but rather a relaxing way to calm down. Guest simply walk in grab a small cup and try a sample of different drinks.

In June 1998, the attraction opened as "Ice Station Cool." It was rebranded in 2005 as "Club Cool."

Around the Word Taste for Kids

Here's something fun to try:

Bring a small note pad and do a taste challenge to find the best soda. Which soda flavor will be the most popular?

Things I have learned about this attraction

The floor can be sticky because of the spilled drinks.

Try small amounts of the drinks - some of them can be a bit strange.

The flavor selection changes all the time. Worth stopping in to see what's new.

There are several during stations and they all serve the same types of drinks.

The attraction tends to be busy in the morning and at the end of the day.

This is a quick stop. I don't think I have spent more than 10 minutes at this location.

I have seen some people fill up there water bottles with their favorite drinks, but this is discouraged by the people working at the Club Cool.

Coke Cola has a similar "Club Cool" in their Atlanta World Headquarters. Guest have the ability to taste a larger selection of drinks.

I read that Coke introduces a new Coke flavor, in Japan, every week.

End of the Attraction?

There is some speculation that Club Cool might be leaving Epcot in 2016:

  • There is rumor that Coke is building some attraction in Disney Springs. Perhaps they are planning to match the sample selection as they have in Atlanta. Its also a good way for Coke to do a taste test of new flavors.
  • Many attractions around Club Cool has closed. This could mean that some future attraction might be in the works for that location.

Disney or Coke Cola hasn't made any public comment on the future of Club Cool.

If your visiting Epcot anytime soon, be sure to stop at Club Cool while you can!


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