May 15, 2017

Star Wars Theme Land Park

In February, Disney announced that the Star Wars Theme Land park in Disneyland and Disney World will be open sometime in 2019. Construction at both parks are well underway.

Disney haven't given any specific dates, probably in case they need to change the schedule dues to unexpected construction delays.

ConstructionConstruction was busy at Disney Studios in February 2017.

What is known is that a new Star Wars Movie is set to open on Memorial Day weekend - May 25, 2019. That's when Episode IX directed by Colin Trevorrow will be released. Colin directed the hit Jurassic World movie. (Jurassic World 2 opens June 22, 2018)

My guess is that they would wait until the summer of 2019 (Third fiscal quarter) to open the new theme land. The new park would help with some of the slower summer business. It would help Disney work out the kinks so that things would be busy during the November/December peak periods.

Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary

August 2019 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion. Expect a huge celebration as Disney with the 25th and 40th anniversary. I would suspect that they wouldn't want to open the Star Wars Theme Land during that celebration.

New Land New Hotel

Oh, and there are rumors that a "Starship" Luxury resort might be coming to the Disney Property. The hotel would look like some spaceship. Apple new headquarters would be a good place to start the design process.

Apple Headquarters
Apple Cupertino, CA headquarters could be an inspiration to Disney new "Starship" hotel.

Don't Plan Your Trip - Yet!

If you are planning a trip to see the new Star Wars Theme Land Park, you might be better off waiting until 2020. As the park will certainly be busy with everyone wanting to see the new ride.

Remember the excitement over the Frozen Ride at Epcot?

Star Wars Movie Schedule

  • December 15, 2017 - Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
  • May 25, 2018 - Star Wars: Han Solo
  • May 25, 2019 - Star Wars: Episode IX
  • 2020 - Star Wars (Scheduled but nothing more has been released.)

It will be exciting to see what Disney comes up with!


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