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Snag-it As a Quick Image Resize Tool

Easy way to quickly resize an image

In today's fast-paced digital age, image resizing has become an essential skill for anyone working with visual content. Just as you don't need a nuclear power plant to make a simple cup of coffee, you don't require complex tools for basic image resizing. Snag-it, a popular screen capture and editing software, offers simple yet effective ways to resize photos. In this blog post, we'll explore how Snag-it can be your go-to solution for resizing images without any unnecessary hassle.

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The Art of Making Coffee

Before delving into image resizing, let's draw an analogy with making coffee. While there are high-tech espresso machines and intricate brewing methods available, sometimes all you need is a simple coffee filter, hot water, and your favorite ground coffee to enjoy a satisfying cup. Similarly, when it comes to image resizing, you don't always need complicated software or advanced editing techniques. Snag-it provides basic yet powerful tools to accomplish the task effortlessly.

Snag-it: Your Image Resizing Companion

Snag-it is a versatile software that offers a range of image editing features, including intuitive resizing options. Here are a few basic ways Snag-it can help you resize images effectively:

  • Percentage Resizing: Snag-it allows you to resize an image by a specific percentage, maintaining its original aspect ratio. Whether you want to decrease or increase the size, simply enter the desired percentage, and Snag-it will adjust the image accordingly.
  • Custom Dimensions: If you need precise control over the image size, Snag-it enables you to specify custom dimensions. This feature comes in handy when you have specific requirements for image sizing, such as resizing for website banners or social media profiles.
  • Maintain Aspect Ratio: One of the crucial aspects of image resizing is preserving the original proportions. Snag-it ensures that the aspect ratio remains intact while resizing, preventing any unwanted distortion or stretching.

How I Use it

When I create a new image in Snag-it I have a particular width and height set up: 1200x675. I can easily "drag and drop" a photo to the blank template and if the image is too big, I can see the boundaries that I have set up. This is exactly how it works in Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Pro.

Snag-it is great because it's a one-button click to create the blank template. Using the other apps is a multi-step process as I may need to open the app and then find the template.

I can be so much more productive with Snag-it when I have a simple "Crop to Fit" task.

Simplicity and Convenience

Snag-it's user-friendly interface makes image resizing a breeze, even for those without extensive editing experience. With its intuitive controls and straightforward options, you can quickly resize images without getting caught up in a web of complex settings. Whether you're a content creator, social media manager, or simply an individual looking to resize personal photos, Snag-it offers simplicity and convenience without compromising on quality.


Just as you don't need a nuclear power plant to make a cup of coffee, you don't require complex software for basic image resizing. Snag-it offers a range of simple yet effective tools that enable you to resize images with ease. Its intuitive interface, percentage resizing, custom dimensions, and aspect ratio preservation make it a reliable choice for anyone seeking quick and hassle-free image editing.



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