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1998 Black Friday Commercials

The Rise of the Technology Commercials

The year was 1998, a time of rapid technological advancement and cultural change. From the emergence of the internet to the rising popularity of mobile phones, the world was transforming at an unprecedented pace. Amidst this whirlwind of progress, a number of iconic commercials emerged that captured the spirit of the era. Let's take a look at four of these classic ads: the Circuit City commercial, the Mervyn's California Penguins ad, the Sprint PCS commercial, and the Toys R Us Black Friday sale promotion.

Circuit City

For many, the best deal of the 1998 Black Friday season was the one offered by Circuit City - the Packard Bell Fully-Featured Computer for only $599.99 after a $360 rebate.

This amazing deal was featured in a commercial that was aired during the 1998 holiday season. The commercial showed the Packard Bell Fully-Featured Computer along with a series of features that made it the perfect choice for any budget-conscious shopper.

The Packard Bell Fully-Featured Computer was equipped with a Pentium II processor, 32 megabytes of RAM, a 3.2 gigabyte hard drive, and a 15" monitor. It also came with a 56 Kbps modem, a CD-ROM drive, a 3.5" floppy drive, and a variety of software programs including Windows 98, Microsoft Office 97, and Netscape Navigator.

Mervyn's California Penguins

On November 27th, 1998, Mervyn's California made history by becoming the first department store in the state to open its doors on the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday. But what made this particular opening truly remarkable was the fact that it featured a parade of penguins marching around San Francisco!

The parade was organized by Mervyn's California in partnership with the San Francisco Zoo and the Aquarium of the Bay. It was an event that was both memorable and unique, and it was made even more special by the fact that over 200 of the store's employees and family members took part in the parade.

Sprint PCS

In 1998, Sprint PCS released a now iconic commercial featuring a man talking to Saint Peter at the gates of heaven. The ad begins with the man nervously approaching Saint Peter and asking if he is on the list to get in. Saint Peter responds that the man is not on the list, but he can still get into heaven if he makes a donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The man agrees to make a donation and is rewarded with a free Ericsson 768 digital PCS phone, courtesy of Sprint PCS.

This commercial perfectly captured the spirit of the late 90s, a time of rapid technological advancement and increased focus on charitable giving. The promotion offered by Sprint PCS was a win-win situation for everyone involved. Customers were able to get a top-of-the-line phone for free with a small donation, while also supporting a great cause.

Toys R Us

The 1998 Toys R Us Black Friday commercial was a memorable one, featuring a group of adults being transported to the store in their beds. The ad begins with the adults tucked into their beds, sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, the beds begin to move and the adults wake up to find themselves cruising down the street, headed straight for Toys R Us.

As they approach the store, the adults eagerly jump out of their beds and rush inside, ready to take advantage of the incredible deals offered on Black Friday. This commercial perfectly captured the excitement and frenzy of the holiday shopping season, while also highlighting the lengths that people will go to get the best deals.

The use of adults in the commercial was a clever tactic that allowed Toys R Us to tap into the nostalgia and childhood memories of its target audience. The idea of being transported to the store in your bed is a childhood dream come true, and this commercial was able to evoke that sense of excitement and wonder.

Overall, the 1998 Toys R Us Black Friday commercial featuring adults in their beds being transported to the store was a fun and memorable advertisement that perfectly captured the spirit of the holiday season. Even decades later, it remains a classic and a testament to the power of effective marketing.

The Commercials

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these four classic commercials from 1998 offer a fascinating glimpse into a time of rapid technological advancement and cultural change. From the rise of electronics retail to the importance of charitable giving, these ads captured the spirit of the era and continue to be remembered fondly by those who lived through it.



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