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OpenDoc was introduced by Apple in the 1990s as a way of providing a standard for document-centric applications. OpenDoc was designed to be a platform-independent, component-based system for generating, editing, and exchanging documents. Developers were able to create small, reusable components that could be combined into complex documents.

OpenDoc's cross-application component integration was one of its key features. A component created by one application could be used inside another, leading to a much more flexible and powerful document work experience. A spreadsheet created in one application could, for example, be embedded within a word processing document, and the two would be linked so that changes to the spreadsheet would reflect in the document and vice versa.

Promotional Video

This is part of a promotional video that Apple did in 1995 to Developers and Project Managers. They wanted to sell the advantages of Open Doc. Some of the people talking in this video are now key leaders in the tech industry.

Some of the people that talk in this video:

  • Kurt Piersol - Chief Architect OpenDoc Apple Computer Inc. - Now a Lead Engineer at Apple.
  • Jed Harris - Executive Director Component Integrations Laboratories
  • Chris Andrew - Project Lead OpenDoc for Windows
  • John Pavley - Development Manager for Claris Corporation
  • David Easter = Director of Technologies Virtis Corporation - Now an Engineer at Lockheed Marting Global Training & Logistics
  • Gina Centoni - OpenDoc Project Manager - Apple Computer Inc. - Now President/CEO LinkedIn
  • Chuck Piercey - OPenDoc Evangelist - Now Director of Product Management at KIOXIA America, Inc.
  • Mark Thomas - Manager, OpenDoc Evangelism - Now EVP Marketing & Alliances at Ridecell



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