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VHS tapes may be a thing of the past, but the memories they hold will last a lifetime. Recently, I came across a VHS tape from March 2000 and was reminded of the commercials that were popular at the time.

One commercial that stood out was the commercial featuring real-life video reviews of products. The commercial featured someone reviewing a ski resort that wouldn't allow snowboarders. The commercial was a hit in 2000 but seems funny today as practically every ski resort accepts snowboarders.

Another commercial that caught my attention was the Microsoft commercial. The ad promoted 'Make Sure the Website is up and 'Everything You Do dot com.' The second commercial, 'Everything You Do dot com' mentions Sales Force dot com which was founded a year before this commercial aired.

Lastly, there was a commercial for, a popular wine website in the 2000s. The commercial was creative in getting people to use their website to pick the best wine - don't we all have that problem? The ad was visually stunning and left a lasting impression on me.

Watching these commercials from March 2000 took me on a trip down memory lane and reminded me of a simpler time. While the products and technology may have changed, the nostalgia and memories remain the same.

0:00 Introduction
0:08 McAfee
0:39 - Snowboarding Ban
1:10 - Tent Review
1:40 Apple iMac - Dad Video using iMovie
2:12 Homestead
2:24 Microsoft - Make Sure the Website is Up
2:57 Microsoft - Everything You Do dot com
3:24 Philips CD Recorder
3:57 NextTel - Now featuring Direct Connect
4:28 - The best of Wine
4:58 - Get an instant quote



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