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Test as you fly, fly as you test

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Test As You Fly

"Test as you fly, fly as you test" emphasizes the importance of continuous testing in software development. Rather than being considered a separate phase, testing should be an ongoing activity that is integrated into the development process. This approach is also known as "Shift Left" testing.

In "Test as you fly, fly as you test" the first part "Test as you fly" implies that testing should begin early in the development process, ideally, as soon as the first lines of code are written. Developers can then catch and fix defects as soon as they occur, saving time and resources in the future.

The second part of the phrase "Fly as you test" means that the software should be deployed and used in a real-world environment as soon as possible. The developer can then identify and fix issues that may not have been discovered during testing in a simulated environment, such as scalability, compatibility, and security.

Incorporating testing into the development process allows development and testing to be carried out in parallel, improving the speed, quality, and efficiency of software development.

In summary, this phrase aids the development team in catching defects as early as possible and validating the feature under real conditions.



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