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Easily create hyperlinks from the current page

Google Chrome has limited support for AppleScript. Which means that you can use third party tools, like LaunchBar, to be more productive.

I created a simple LaunchBar action that creates an anchor tag based on the current page loaded in Chrome. This action displays 2 formats - one HTML and the other Markdown. The HTML version is perfect for pasting in any HTML editor. The Markdown formatis great when you want to reference the page in a Slack chat.

Chrome H T M L Launch Bar
Download the Action

Installing the Action

  • Download the Chrome URL Action for LaunchBar
  • UnZip the file
  • Double Click on the file to properly install it in LaunchBar

Tips on Using this Action

  • Use the LaunchBar shortcut and type in "URL"
  • Hit Enter to create a link to the current Google Page.
  • The first time you use this action, Apple will ask you to allow LaunchBar to interact with Chrome - simple say Yes!
  • After the Permission box disappears you should see the URLs. Select the format that you would like to use, by default the HTML is selected.
  • Use "Shift Return" to insert the text in the current application
  • Use "Command C" to copy to the clipboard.
  • Use "Tab Title" to Convert the word to Title Case.



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