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Snagit QA Templates 2.0

More Great Stamps for QA

Last week, I introduced some Snagit Stamps that would be useful for QA.

This week is another useful collection of stamps for QA:

New Snagit Stamps For QA
Download Zip File

Collection Contains

  • Warning - Useful to highlight some warning issue.
  • Red Light - Draw attention to some issue on the page.
  • Red White X - I find the standard "X" to be boring.
  • Red X - Just a different 'X' to use when there's a lot of issues on the page.
  • Pin Mark - Use to point out little things on a page.
  • Markers - Adds a little flare to those highlighted texts. There's Red, Green and Yellow for some variety.


Sample Snagit Demo

Next Week Post?

Next week the QA blog post will be focused on International QA stamps for Snagit.



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