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A to Z Challenge

Challenge Theme Reveal

The April A to Z Blog challenge is back.

Here are the topics that I plan for this year's A to Z challenge. ( Hint: It's the same as now.)

atoz Challenge

April Lineup

Sunday Open Topic Something Interesting that I learned this week.
Monday Media Classic Commercials
Tuesday QA QA Tools and Techniques
Wednesday Motion Feature Filter of the week
Thursday Classic Macintosh Classic App that I found
Friday Macintosh Macintosh Application interactions
Saturday Internet Interesting online Content Tools

Some Thoughts

I didn't do much planning for last years A to Z challenge. So the content wasn't as creative as I would have liked.

I find having a different topic every day makes it more challenging. If I spent the whole month blogging about Boston or Macintosh I might loose interest.

It wouldn't be easy to keep a common theme between topics.

I plan to try new things with graphics to spice up the posts.



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