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OnBoard Wifi

JetBlue vs Delta

This week I am taking a quick trip to Florida. My trip will involve two separate airlines - Delta and Jet Blue. While my time in the air will be short, I thought that I might want to be online doing some work.

Delta Onboard Wifi

Interestingly my trip with Delta doesn't include free WiFi. If I want to use it, I have to pay a monthly subscription for $49.95. Apparently, I can purchase a pass when I get on board, I'll have to update this post with that cost and opportunity.

JetBlue Onboard Wifi

My flight with JetBlue includes unlimited WiFi and no additional cost. As a matter of fact, their website promotes using Amazon Video. So they want people to watch Amazon Prime videos instead of the onboard entertainment.

Power Ports

Both JetBlue and Delta offer power outlets where you can charge your devices while you fly. Make sure to bring your chargers with you!



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