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Great Wolf Lodge New England

Some things that we learned during our stay.

We visited Great Wolf Lodge New England for the first time this past August. We didn't know what to expect and were very excited about going. Overall it was a fun trip, we would certainly go back

Great Wolf New England

Some Things We Learned about Great Wolf Lodge

General Information

The Lodge is located just off of Route 2 - pretty much isolated from other businesses and shopping areas. The lodge is closest to Leominster town line. 12-Minutes from Wachusett Mountain and 54 miles from Boston. It's a mile walk from the Wachusett MBTA Station.

Food was good, we didn't find it all that expensive. The lunch menu at the Hungry As A Wolf is the same as Lodge Wood Fired Grill.

There is a Dunkin Donuts where you purchase a Great Wolf Ice Coffee mug. It's a good place to grab some coffee before heading home.

Paw Package

We got the Paw package, which gives you a MagiQuest game, Color Wand, Creation Station animal, Glitter Tattoo and more. All this for $74.99. Which seems expensive, but we found it's a good way to get the most fun out of stay.

The package was good because it gave us a chance to explore various activities that we might have done without the package deal. Great Wolf might be known for its water park, but they do offer a lot for those that don't like the water.

You should be aware that there is upsell when you get the Paw package - for example, the package comes with the basic wand for mind quest, but the upgraded ones are more colorful. You get a teddy bear but have to pay extra for accessories such as shoes and clothes. Kids will certainly want the extra things from the Paw package.

Your better off getting the temporary tattoo before you leave. It will come off in the chlorine pool - but not in a standard shower.


We found that kids rather play the MagiQuest game than go to the water park. It does take some time to play the game and you will be going all over the building.

Remember where things are, it may save a little bit of running around. Maybe a Notebook would help make your own map.

You can bring back the wand on future trips to continue the MagiQuest game.

Wolf Pup Den Suite Room

We found out the cheaper rooms at the Lodge go quick. They are located above the lobby. If you get a Den room, your room is on the other side of the building.

The Wolf Pup Den room is located in the game area (wall Climbing, Mini-golf etc) The rides shut down around 10pm. So if the kids are early sleepers, you may want to turn up the TV to drown out the sound.

The den rooms have bunk beds with a TV that is suitable for the top bunk. The rooms aren't anything special. There is a microwave, small dorm size refrigerator- which we stocked with water and juice.

Game Room

In the Game Room, the "must" win prize is the large Great Wolf Lodge ball. When I won it someone offered me $10 - before I even took it out.

The key to this game is to watch people try to get the ball and see what grip is working or not working.

You should know that when you giggle the joystick, it changes the claw position. Keep giggling it so that it positions well when it drops.

The Big Ball Great Wolf
Try to get the Great Wolf Ball

Water Park

THe Wolf Tail seems to be a scary ride. It's a single person ride, you get in a small chamber and you basically drop about 10-feet and then it's a regular sidle. There's a heartbeat sound as you wait for the floor to open. It only adds to the thrill of the ride.

Some slides, River Canyon Run, Howlin' Tornado - require more than one person. Which isn't fun for families with small children.

Getting to Great Wolf Lodge New England

The best way to get to Great Wolf Lodge is to take Route 2 to exit 28 in Fitchburg.



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