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Looking back at the changes to my iPhone homepage

As the one-year anniversary of working from home approaches, because of the pandemic, I thought I take a look back at how my iPhone use has changed.

Here is my screen-shot from last year and today.

i Phone Home Screen2020

Four Things to Note

mTicket is an MBTA app use to purchase commuter rail tickets. I took the mTicket application off my phone homepage in late March - once it became apparent that I wasn't going back on the train anytime soon.

EverNote is gone. I removed the application last summer as I couldn't justify spending another year when I don't use it much.

Social Media. I moved all social media off the homepage because I didn't want easy access to them. I didn't want social media to be the reason I pick up my phone.

Keep it Simple. I have fewer icons on my home screen than I have ever had. Is I don't use my phone as much on a daily basis, because I don't take the train anymore.

One More Thing...

One thing I did learn, to take more homepage screenshots - especially when I make major changes to the homepage. You never know when you'll need to get that information again. For example, what was that popular camera app that I used to take night pictures.

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The iPhone XS Max is the most powerful iPhone Apple has ever made. I wanted to learn how to take the most advantage of the capabilities of the device and see how it so much better than my old iPhone 6s Plus.