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Night Time Specs

Camera specs of the GoPro Hero 9

In a blog post in April 2019, I wrote about why the iPhone Xs Max was a better night time camera because of the camera specs. Today I have 4 active devices that I can use for nighttime photography. I have the GoPro 7 Silver, iPhone Xs Max, Panasonic DC-FZ80, and the GoPro Hero 9.

Here's an updated table of the specs of four cameras that I have:

Name GoPro 7 Silver GoPro 9 iPhone Xs Max Panasonic DC-FZ80
ISO 16006400 2,30480 to 6400
Aperture f/2.8 f/2.8 f/1.8f/2.8 to f/8.0
Exposure Time 1/151/9600

Winter Temperatures

Winter in New England means some cold nights are here. It might be risky to leave the GoPro out a night to take overnight time-lapse videos. Here are the recommended temperature settings for the GoPro cameras

GoPro 7 Silver 40-105 degrees
HERO9 Black 14- F ~ 95- F (10- C ~ 35- C)

Time Warp

As for night time Time Lapse photography, I'll be using the GoPro Hero 9. It certainly does a better job. Check out this video using the nighttime time-lapse settings. It makes it looks like a time warp



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