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Melting Pot (Framingham)

This popular restaurant closed its doors just last week.

The Melting Pot is a Fondue restaurant chain that offered heated pots of cheese, chocolate for dipping and cooking. Gues could pick out their own broth or chocolate treats.

Once really nice thing about the Melting Pot is that they offer good gluten-free options - even for dessert! They had delicious gluten-free brownies that could be dipped into various chocolate sauces.

On February 18, 2020, the Melting Pot in Framingham closed its door. This was a surprise move as most people found out about it via social media and local news reporting.

The Melting Pot Framingham

Five Things I Have Learned

  • - The popular restaurant first opened in early December, 2006. It was the first Melting Pot location in Massachusetts.
  • - The Melting Pot had a lot of great choices and was a popular place to eat on a weekend night. For most consumers it would be a two-hour experience.
  • - They not only offered fine food, but they had a fine wine and mix drink selection. Everytime that we went we would be impressed with the wine selection that the waiter offered.
  • - Today the is only Massachusetts location and it's located in Bedford, Massachusetts. (At the corner of Route 62 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.)
  • - A restaurant called the Melting Pot opened on January, 14, 2020 in Cambridge. However, a month later the owners put in a request to change the name of the restaurant to Base Crave. This is probably because it was not affiliated with the national chain. Base Craze serves Nepalese food, not Fondue.



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