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Lorem Ipsum in BBEdit

Cool tip on using Lorem Ipsum in BBEdit

BBEdit has built-in Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. This is useful when you want to text but don't have the official version from Marketing.

Lorem Ipsum is located under the Edit Menu -> Insert -> Lorem Ipsum

B B Edit Insert Menu

Three Styles

You have three styles for your Lorem Ipsum content:

  • Normal - Typical Lorem Ipsum used since the 1960s.
  • Bacon - From the Baconipsum website: "Simply put, it's a take on the lorem ipsum filler text used when doing design mockups. I was mocking up a web design one day and needed a few words to fill out a link. 'Lorem ipsum bacon' popped into my head, so I plugged that into my HTML. Later that day, it hit me. Make a lorem ipsum generator but use types and cuts of meat."
  • Startup - From the Startupsum website: "Less boring. Slightly more relevant. A perfect blend of being professional and having fresh filter content."

Three Types

  • Words - Perfect when you want a filler word for a list item.
  • Sentences - Need a sentence for an image caption?
  • Paragraphs = Great when your trying to make it look like you wrote a lot of text. Using the "Start up" on the company about page is a neat trick.

B B Edit Preferences

Cool Tip!

You can add a short-cut to Lorem Ipsum. In fact, when you go to the Menu & Shortcuts section of Preferences, you'll see a second "Lorem Ipsum" without the "..." This repeats the last Lorem Ipsum action. I would recommend adding a Keyboard Shortcut such as Command Shift L.



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