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BBEdit Search Box

Best Tool for Search and Release

For efficient text manipulation, BBEdit shines. Its search and replace capabilities are top-notch, offering a user-friendly interface that surpasses what I've encountered in other IDEs. This streamlined approach saves me significant time when working with large codebases.

BBEdit Search Box

Five Things I Learned

  1. BBEdit Search History: BBEdit maintains a history of the last 30 searches, allowing for easy reuse and saving time on repetitive typing.

  2. Save Searches: You can save searches for later use, which is beneficial for frequently performed search/replacements and complex search patterns. Bare Bones provides sample patterns for reference.

  3. In-Dialog Grep References: The in-dialog Grep references for both search and replace functions simplify the process of finding the correct grep combinations. BBEdit also highlights the search results for clear visibility.

  4. Shortcuts for Search/Replace: Utilize shortcuts like "Use Selection for Find" (Command E) and "Use Selection for Replace" (Option Command E) to expedite the search/replace process by pre-populating the fields before opening the dialog.

  5. Extract Match Text: BBEdit can extract matched text into a new document by finding all instances of the search string in the current document or search set and compiling them into a new untitled text document, separated by line breaks.



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