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Notion Microsoft Word Import

Notion does a great job importing Microsoft Word files

Notion supports the ability to import 11 different formats including Microsoft Word documents. So I was wondering, How well does Microsoft Word Import Work?

I have many Word documents. I was wondering how well will it handle some of my complex Microsoft Word Files.

Four Things I Learned

  1. You need to convert any "legacy" Word Documents (.doc format) to use the Microsoft Word XML format. Otherwise the import will fail.
  2. Embedded images and tables are imported very well. I didn't have any problems with the tables and images after it imported.
  3. It was actually easier to read the documents once imported. Nice to see the 'web flow' without the page breaks.
  4. Table colors are not imported - as they aren't supported in Notion. It does impact how the table looks.

Microsoft Table Colors

Notion Color Tables View
Having color actually makes reading the table data a bit easier.

Overall View

Overall, the import of 20-files went well. Word Documents that had color tables did look a lot better with the color table cells.

I was impressed with how quickly the import process went and how Notion kept all the same formatting - so the documents looked good.

There's no indication when Notion will support table colors.



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