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Other Apps I considered to replace Evernote.

There are several other apps that I looked at as alternatives to EverNote. Here are some of my comments on them.


  • Easy to create Notes. But I don't see any special tagging or Notebook capabilities. Appears that using hashtags is how you label documents. Which is a bit of a problem since I don't want my documents to be full of hashtags.
  • No AppleScript support - I can't integrate this with BBEdit to easily backup files.
  • No PDF search support.
  • Cheap to support yearly plan - $14.99 yearly subscription.

Apple Notes

  • Web Clipper only save links to sites - no chance of offline reading.
  • Won't work with my Android tablet.
  • Weird that the first line of a new note isn't H1.
  • Nice that a lot of tools that I use in Pages is available - such as keyboard shortcuts and table layout.

Microsoft One Note

  • The weird thing that I found with One Note is that when I click the cursor around the page, that's where a new piece of content can go. Just seems that each page is just a page layout of a document and not a document.
  • Had a lot of good strong features for the price - feels like a Microsoft Word lite.

Google Keep

  • Doesn't use the concept of Notebooks. Things are organized by tags. I think it's harder to organize some notes and see what information I had in some categories.
  • Everything is online. Good luck creating a note when you have no Wifi connection. "Google Keep Offline is not available on Windows and macOS devices."
  • I did watch DottoTech's review of Google Keep, Simple and Clean Note-taking App 2018. I thought his review was a good insight to how Google Keep is better than Evernote. It's a good watch if your considering that as a switch.



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