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Key Notion Features Missing

Some Features missing from Notion

As good as an application it is, there are a couple missing features that stand out for me.

Notion Evernote Check


Early this year Notion came out with a "Web Clipper." It's one of the most requested features that lets users save the text version of a webpage page in your Notion account.

Evernote Clipper is still better

EverNote Web-Clipper is great because not only can I save the contents of a webpage, I can save a screenshot. You actually get 4 options on how to save the content of the page: Article, Simplified Article, Full Page, Bookmark and Screen Shot.

In addition, you can leave a detailed comment about why your clipping this item. In Notion, you have to open the page to leave a comment about the clipped item.


I find tagging to be useful in identifying key content. For example, I have a tag called reference for pages that I feel have good content that I may need to reference.

Notion has some tagging for tables/database items. I would like to see tagging for pages.

More Features/Enhancements in Development

According to Notion's planning page there's a lot of exciting things to come:

  • API & integrations
  • Better search
  • Timeline view
  • Better offline mode
  • Faster mobile startup time

Evernote Migration Update

I wasn't paying attention to my next billing date of Evernote and got charged for another year.

So it looks like I'll be staying with Evernote until next summer. (I don't mean that in a bad way, just wish they let me know that they were going to charge me.)

This is the last post of the migration update, as it longer makes sense to compair the two services if I'll be committed to Evernote until 2020.



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