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iPhone Homescreen

In a few days Apple will be announcing the next generation of iPhones. I purchased the iPhone 6s Plus back in October 2015. This means that I am eligible to get a new phone.

As of now, there's no major rush to get a new one since the phone that I have works perfectly well. I am satisfied with the camera and battery life that. Unlike my old iPhone 5s, whereas the battery couldn't hold that long. The camera on the iPhone 6s Plus is much better than the 5s.

Screen View

Here's a side by side comparison of my iPhone 6s Plus home screen in October 2015 and how it looks today.

Click on image for a larger version.

Favorite Applications

Here are my most popular 3rd party applications that I have used over the years:

  • Evernote - great note taking app. I use it to record information including receipts.
  • Twitter - find out what's going on right now.
  • Facebook - find out what my friends are doing.
  • Google Photos - my personal photo collection. I have access to 50,000 photos.
  • AnyList - grocery shopping list and more
  • Wunderground - detail weather information
  • YouTube - watching funny videos can help brighten a down day
  • InstaWeather - overlay the current weather temperature on any picture
  • FiLMiC Pro - take quality videos for special moments

Future Applications that I would like

Tip Calculator - How much to tip and keep track of where I eat.

Brain Game - Would be good to play some good brain thinking game. A replacement for Brain Challenge - a great game just that I already played it several times over the years.



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