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Bath Games

Bath Games

"What's your game tonight?" that's what my then 4-year-old daughter ask me every night when she does tubby.

She asks me this because we usually play some sort of water game before it's time to do her hair and get out of the tubby. It's a fun time for her to play and for me to get splash at.

We usually play with the 'Disney Princess' and the 'Sophia the First' bath collection. They are the perfect bath toys since they allow her to line them up along the side of the tub and interact with each one.

We also have a large Arial bath toy that she commonly used as the swimming teacher or any time that a grownup is needed.

Here are some of the common games that we end up playing:

Swimming Class

Arial will be the swimming teacher and someone will be new to swimming. The other toys will try to help the new student swim. We usually do this so that she can show me what she learned in swimming class this week.


Someone will pretend to be the hospital lady, usually Cinderella, and will rush to help anyone that gets hurt. Usually, it involves a hospital stay and the friends will come and visit her. The hospital lady will tell them to be quiet since the patient is sleeping, however, they usually make a lot of noise that makes the hospital lady angry.


This game we see who can jump the highest. I throw each bath toy super high and she has to guess the highest one. Then we see who can make the biggest splash, she usually does a good job of getting the floor wet.

Birthday Party

I'll pick out a character and it's their birthday. We'll start with hiding all the toys, usually in the bubbles and yell surprise to the lucky birthday guest. After that, it's a pool birthday party and we have a brief swimming session and then we make a cake with bath bubbles.

Music Class

We'll get some of the water toys and try to make some music with them. We have some water whistles where we fill with some water and then blow in them to make some notes, the more water you put in the higher the note.


We have used a lot of other bath toys over the years, but I find that she had more fun playing with her Disney bath collections. Other toys may last a couple of weeks, but the princesses seem to be a winner for the long haul. So, if you are looking for bath gift for a three-year-old that will last a while, get the Princess Bath collection.



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