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Fish Trophy

Fish Trophy

If you're using the Review Board for code reviews, you may notice that every once in a while someone will get a Fish Trophy.

Here's the explanation from the Review Board Blog:

It's always nice to have a little reward for milestones. Developers sometimes compete over cool bug numbers, revisions, etc. Initially, we were going to use quips to add some fun to the site, but we ended up settling on our current trophy system.

One of our first Review Board instances started to approach review request #1000, which was a huge milestone for us. I decided to commemorate the event by staying up and quickly hacking in a hidden feature for showing a trophy for review request #1000. The way we implemented it, you'd see the first-ever trophy at 1,000, and from there you'd see it at every milestone number (1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 10,000, etc.). I didn't want to stop there, though, so I added support for the second type of trophy, one that has confused people with its appearance to this day. Mission complete.



LawrenceThe fish trophy on rb #1111 bumfuzzled indeed. Mission complete.
RenetaGreat way for positive reinforcement! RB #1111

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