November 22, 2011

Natick Collection Santa

Santa Clauses has returned to the Natick Collections again this year. You can find Santa in the "expensive" part of the mall near the Coach store and Neiman Marcus. First off they do have a good Santa, no pulling on the beard to see if its real!

We went to see Santa on the first day he arrived at the mall, November 17, 2011, and were disappointed how unorganized that Santa helpers were. They were having all sorts of problems with the camera and some of the digital equipment and had to retake some customers photos because they were missing in the computer. We also had to wait longer because of the technical issues.

We were disappointed with the photo that we got and found that the photo that we took with our own point and shoot digital camera came out better than their digital SLR camera.

If you plan on seeing Santa at the Natick Mall, just be patience while you wait and be sure to bring an extra camera along with you.

We found that the photo prices are a little expensive for the quality of photos, but I guess that the cost of having a good Santa.

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