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This past week I was on a business trip to Received exception:undefined method . I really didn?t do any site seeing on this trip, didn?t have time for that. However, its another state that I can claim that I slept in.

When I got to Wellington Amtrak station, I took a cab and the driver was nice enough to give me his business card and made sure that I got a cab the next morning at 7:15am. Very cool! That?s one less thing that I had to worry about the next morning.

When I was done with my work, I would call the cab company and within 15 minutes they came by and picked me up. The same guy picked me up both days that I called for service, the second day when I called I just told him my name and he said that he would be there in 15 minutes.

The whole time I was in Wellington, I had two different cab drivers and they provided excellent service and were very reliable.

Why don?t other cab drivers do this? When dropping a customer at a hotel, cab drivers should ask if they need a cab the following morning. This seems like a simple value add service and beats having to waiting for business at airports or train stations.

Thanks to Noni Taxi of Wellington, Delaware for great service this week!

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