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Crayola Experience Store

Did not really like the experience at the store.

Recently we visited the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. We have a lot of fun at the general Experience - more about that in a later post. This weeks post is all about the Crayola Experience Store.

You can visit the store without paying for the Crayola Experience.

Overall Impressions

The store looks pretty cool, as you walk in you see a large colorful wall in the back of the store.

That's where the experience kind of ends.

We were a bit disappointed in the Crayola Store product selection. We thought they would have more unique Crayola merchandise. In fact, they didn't carry some basic crayon packs.

Crayola Pick Your Pack

Some Observations

  • We visited during the busy "Back to School" shopping season and they didn't really have anything to promote "Back to School." I was thinking that Staples actually had more Crayon box options than the Experience Store.
  • We brought our Back to School shopping list - so we could get some Crayola items. We thought it would be a fun way to get school supplies. They didn't carry the right number of pens or crayons that we needed - we ended up getting the supplies at Staples.
  • In the back of the store is a wall of different crayons and markers. You can make your own set using any combination you wish. We did think that was neat and created a couple of packs.
  • We did find some unique items such as Wipe off Crayons and color socks.
  • They don't have any shopping carts or baskets, which limited our purchases. If we had a basket, we might have purchased more items.
  • Crayola makes Silly Puddy but they only carried one multipack in the whole store.

At the End of the Day

We would not likely go out of our way to visit the store. It was a fun day, but we walked away from a bit disappointed.

We did talk to a manager before we left to tell them what we thought of the store, we gave them some ideas on how they could make it a better experience for other shoppers.



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