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Christmas Eve

Looks like it will be a White Christmas in New England! Dispite the recent warm weather much of New England will have snow on the ground!

On Monday I encoded a one minute clip of ESPN's interview with Joe Namath, in which he appeared to be drunk. Google index my site within a few hours and the traffic increase about 50%!

Many people have asked how I encoded the video clip so quickly. It's a pretty complex process and I'll put together a development page sometime next week. In short, its a lot easier using a Macintosh and having Media Cleaner makes it easy. :)

I went to Walmart this morning to do some last minute shopping and was suprise to see the Supermarket next door was busier than Walmart. I am sure as the day goes on, more people will be in Walmart than the Supermarket.

Our family will be attending the midnight mass at Our Ladies Help of Christains in West Concord, Massachusetts. Also tonight WBZ has its annual best of sports during the 11pm sports segment.



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