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The Inquiry Method for Test Planning

Test Better by Planning

The Inquiry Method for Test Planning is a process that helps you plan your tests by identifying and investigating the test objectives. This method can be used to develop both formative and automated assessments.

Inquirry Method Test Planning

To use the Inquiry Method for Test Planning, you first need to identify the test objectives. These are specific goals that you want test cases to achieve as a result of running your test. Next, you need to investigate how best to assess each objective. This involves thinking about what type of question or activity will best measure the test cases - understanding of the objective. Finally, you need to create a plan for running the tests and scoring the final responses.

The Inquiry Method for Test Planning is an important tool for creating effective release risk assessments. By beginning with clear objectives and then investigating how best to measure the release success, this process ensures that tests reflect what developers have implemented in the release. Additionally, using an inquiry-based approach allows QA the flexibility in developing assessment items customized to their own test case goals and needs."



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