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Google Testing Blog is a great resource to the latest 'hot' trends in QA testing. You get a perspective on what technology/process is working at Google.

I would recommend at visiting the blog and at the very least, click on the "Subscribe by Email" to get the latest post emailed to you. The good news is that they don't post every day - so your email box won't blow up.

The emails/post that is posted contain a lot of very useful information that may help your organization test more effectively.


You'll Learn Something New

You can certainly learn a lot from one of the most innovated organizations in the world. Just some of the things I learned:

  • Strategies on applying comments in the code, especially in automation. There is such thing as ineffective comments.
  • How the size of test cases can make a difference on how effective it can be.
  • Building Test Infrastructure that produce real results.
  • Speed is key in creating the best testing tools and to win at Continuous Integration. If it takes a long time for a test - "There's a tremendous difference in hackability if it takes 5 seconds to build and test versus one minute, or even 20 minutes, to build and test."

Eleven Years and Counting

The Official Google Testing Blog has been running now for 11 years. They have about 100 to 200 views per month. They are a good resource for tips/tricks to the technical/business side of testing.



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