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Boston Courtyard Copley Square hotel

Beautiful hotel on Exeter Street

As you walk down Exeter Street from Boylston, you may encounter a strange looking building. This is the Boston's Courtyard Copley Square Hotel. This 3-Star rated hotel has 63 king rooms, 14 Queen-double rooms, and 4 suites on 10 floors. It's also 128 years old, one of the oldest hotels on this street.

Courtyard Copley Square
View of the Courtyard Copley Square from Boylston Street.

The Boston's Courtyard Copley Square hotel and Copley Square Hotel are not the same business. They have similar names but are two different businesses.

Six Things I learned about the Courtyard Copley Square

  • The was once called the Exeter Chambers Hotel, which opened on October 1, 1891. It closed on November 8, 1931.

  • The Hotel was established by Frederick Samuel Risteen - former Massachusetts State Senator. He was also the owner of the Clarendon Hotel.

  • When Frederick Samuel Risteen died in 1903 the hotel was taken over by John Lacey, then it was owned by Ernest Spracklen. In 1907, the hotel was sold at an auction for $327,000 ($8,896,470.33 in 2018 dollars)

  • There isn't much information on the hotel activity between 1907 and 2004. I checked various sites around the web and couldn't find any information about it.

  • Hotel was fully restored in 2004 after the Marriot purchased the property. (There is a sign next to the main entrance)

  • The building exterior features Victorian Eclecticism and Richardsonian Romanesque architectural elements.

The Stained Glass Window

Inside the hotel is a stained glass window that greets every guest.

Stain Glass Window

Our century-old arched stained glass window has served as a beautiful entryway greeting hotel guest since 1891.

The emblem EC, can be seen in the center of the glass as the initials of the original hotel called Exeter Chambers.

THis window is representatives of the stained glass that was introduced in the Victorian and Edwardian eras of the 1800's.

However in the late 1800s, American glass makers expanded upon the European cathedral glass. Their creations during this American Art Nouveau period is known as the opalescent glass.

From 1891 to present day, this kaleidoscope of color is a preserved symbol of over 100 years of hospitality here at 88 Exeter Street, Boston.

This window symbolically reflects the illumination of visions for tomorrow guests who have pursued their dream at this residence over the years.

"88 Exeter...the Dream Continues..."

Want a good reason to stay here?

The Courtyard Marriott at 88 Exeter has been ranked #5 in the nation of all Courtyards based upon guest's service scores.



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