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Framingham Eight

In the 1990s there were 8 women who partition the state to be free from murder charges because of spousal abuse. These women would eventually become known as the "Framingham Eight." They were free because of long-term abuse.

The publicity around these women brought a light of spousal abuse - in particular, who were the real victims.

They were called "Framingham Eight" because they were all held in the women's prison in Framingham.

Defending TV

Framingham 8 : the women who fought back

Four members of the Framingham 8 were featured in the "Framingham 8: the women who fought back" documentary.

Explores the problem of domestic violence through the stories of the "Framingham Eight," women who were imprisoned in Framingham, Mass. for killing an abusive spouse or partner. Several have won their freedom by claiming Battered Woman Syndrome as a defense.

Framingham 8

Here's a list of the Framingham 8:

Eugenia Moore life sentence for second-degree murder in the 1985 stabbing of her former boyfriend Was commuted in May 1993
Meekah R. Scott 8- to 12-year prison sentence for killing her boyfriend July 1993
Patricia Allen sentence of eight to 15 years in prison Sentence was commuted
Lisa Becker Grimshawconvicted of manslaughter in 1989 and sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison for luring her husband, Thomas Grimshaw, to his death at the hands of two of her friends who fatally bludgeoned him with a baseball bat. Given early parole in 1993
Elaine Hyde Convicted for murdering her husband in 1985 and sentenced to life Release on parole in 1994 after serving 6 years
Shannon Booker Was serving an 8 to 15-year sentence for the 1989 shooting of her abusive boyfriend Parole in 1994
Debra Reid Stabbed her partner to death on Aug. 12, 1989 and Served 9 to 14 years for manslaughter Denied Parole in 1994
Patricia Hennessey Serving an 18 to 20-year sentence for manslaughter for shooting her ex-husband on July 15, 1988

Three Returned to Prison

In July 1997, Framingham Eight member Patricia Allen was sent back to prison for violating parole after being arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

In 1998, Lisa Becker Grimshaw was stopped by Leominster with her headlights off. She failed field sobriety tests, he said.

In 1998, Shannon Booker was charged with stealing a wallet from a woman's pocketbook.



Sharon Douchette (chicki58) This is for Patricia Hennessey and Ugena Moore.I've been searching for you both.Patricia you was a great roommate.And Ugena you was my friend in industries.If anyone can help me find them I'd love to add them to FB.I made Patricia comfortable the day of her sentencing.
Velma Bercury I am looking for Elayne Hyde. In 1994 as Director of the UMass Boston Women's Center I arranged for most of The Framingham 8. Turning Point was there to film a documentary which was shown in July 1994. I would love to get in touch and to hear how your life has turned out. Why you all did changed the lives of so many women (and men) The signs for battered women are still in ladies rooms everywhere.
Sharon Douchette I am still looking for my roommate Patricia Hennessey.One of the Framingham 8.She was last known to live in West Springfield mass after her release.If anyone knows her where abouts please tell her Chiqui her roommate in Framingham is looking for her.I miss her so much.
Janey Gordon I met Elaine when living in Massachusetts many years ago and we marched, " take back your rights" march. i also would visit Patty Hennessey for along time every other Sunday night, when i was going to graduate school. i wrote letters to her often. i ran the clothes line project in Northampton Mass with my partner Donna for years. Elaine worked with us in making a T-Shirt for Patty in taking back her life. I know she was released but i never saw her again. i do miss her often think of her and know that meeting her and learning about the Framingham 8 changed my life. i have a Masters in counseling and work as a counselor in Ohio. Janey Gordon

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