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Selfie Sticks in Massachusetts Polling Places

President Position

This year's Presidential election is pretty crazy and people are starting their early voting. Some people are even posting selfies of them at the voting booth.

While selfie sticks haven't been ban in some voting area, some schools/buildings have banned them for security purposes.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts doesn't have any laws against taking any type of pictures at the voting area.

Following Voters

You can follow along those that have publically announced that they voted:

Did you know

  • Flags are required by law to be displayed in a Polling area. (Title VIII, Chapter 54 Section 25A)
  • Not only is Smoking is prohibited but carrying any cigarettes or lighter can be asked to leave, otherwise you could be faced with a $20 fine.
  • You are allowed to put a sticker on the ballot in special situations. (According to the Massachusetts Election Day Manual: "The voter may also bring with them a sticket, handed to them on their way into the polls by one of the write-in candidates, to affix to the ballot.")
  • Any person may challenge a voter for legal cause. (Don't do this unless you're sure of the outcome!) If a person makes a challenge for an unspecified reason, the election worker should thereafter ask the challenger what specific reason they wish to have recorded. If, after being so questioned by the election official, the challenger gives no specific reason, the voter should be permitted to vote, and should not be considered a challenged voter.
  • The names of the Presidents are in the alphabetical order by surname.
  • After the Polls have closed, the polling location must remain open so that the public may observe the counting of votes from outside the guardrail.
  • When you vote and encounter a problem, notify the warden or presiding officer about the issue. They should be able to resolve the issue. If you do not get a satisfied resolution, contact the Commonwealth's Elections Division at 617-727-2828.