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The American's Creed

The American's Creed from the Boy Scout Manual. This is something to remember as we get closer to election day in the United States:

I believe in
''the United States of America as a
''Government of the people, by the people, for the people;
''who just powers are derived from the consent of the government;
''a democracy in a republic;
''a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States;
''a perfect Union, one and inseparable;
''established under those principles of freedom, equality, justice,
''and humanity for which American patriots sacraficed their
''lives and fortunes.

I therefor believe it is my duty to my country
''to love it;
''to support its Consitution;
''to obey its laws;
''to respect its flag and
''to defend it against all enemies.

The American Creed was developed by William Tyler Page in 1917. It is a brief, clear statement of American traditions and ideals, as expressed by leading American statesmen and writers.

Key lines to the Creed:

  1. Closing words of the Preamble to the Constitution
  2. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
  3. Declaration of Independence
  4. James Madison in The Federalist, No. X
  5. Speech by Daniel Webster
  6. Preamble to the Consitution
  7. Adapted from closing workds of Declaration of Independence
  8. Speech by John Hancock
  9. United States Oath of Allegiance
  10. George Washington's Farewell Address
  11. War Department Circular, April 14, 1917
  12. Oath of Alleigiance.